Montažu i obradu videa radimo sa najsuvremenijom tehnologijom na NewTek


Live video production post production VT[5]™ delivers versatility in live production with up to 24 inputs along with hundreds of real-time transitions and 3D DVE’s, network-style live virtual sets, character generator, real-time keying and digital disk recorder for integration of captured video clips. In post production, VT[5] delivers streamlined editing, 2D video paint and animation system along with Emmy® Award winning LightWave 3D® for motion graphics and animation. VT[5] total video production control at your fingertips.



  1. World’s Fastest Video Editor
  2. SD and HD editing
  3. Real-time HD editing and previewing
  4. Resolution independent
  5. Frame-rate independent
  6. Fully multi-threaded for dual-core and quad-core machines
  7. SpeedHQ™ codec with 4:2:2 colorspace and alpha support
  8. Integrated Timeline and Storyboard editing
  9. Unlimited layering in real-time
  10. 3D control of position, size and rotation of layers in real-time
  11. Spline-based movement of all animations
  12. Unlimited undo, saved with project